How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Become an Affiliate Marketing Magician using WordPress!

Get there easily by following this simple 3-step process...

1. Decide on a niche

Before building your website, you need to have a place to start. Read this section to help you decide the best niche for YOU to focus your efforts on in order for you to get the best results possible.

2. Monetize your website

Now that you know the theme of your website, it's time to find out what products & services are available for you to promote. Read this section to get the details on how the affiliate networks work.

3. Build your website

Setting-up an affiliate website is surprisingly easy to do. Read this section to know exactly how to set-up website hosting - and how to easily build a beautiful, search engine optimized website.

Bonus: Traffic generation

Without guidance, many affiliate marketers really don't know how to get a steady stream of visitors to their websites. Read this section to learn how to start driving traffic to your site - like a pro.

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  • Affiliate Marketing Overview

What is Affiliate Marketing?

​According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is "...a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts."

​The Four Main Elements Of Affiliate Marketing

  • The merchant (the one who provides the product or service)
  • The affiliate network (the organization that contains the product or service offers And the one that handles commission payments)
  • The publisher (the affiliate who seeks the commissions)
  • The customer (naturally, the buyer of the product or service)

Affiliate marketing is basically about finding a product that is created by another person, entity, or company who offers you a percentage of the sale (or a fixed monetary amount) if the customer buys their product via your efforts.

The company may or may not have their own affiliate program where affiliates can overview the types of products the company has to offer, information about the products, and information on how much will be paid per sale.

​So for example, a weight loss company may have a weight loss tea that they are selling for $100, and they are offering an affiliate commission of 40%. This means that you will get paid $40 for every box of weight loss tea that you help sell for that company. As you can see, this can be a very profitable method of earning money online where you don’t have to create your own products, but simply promote other people’s products.

Affiliate Niches

Now, since you can become an affiliate in just about any niche, it can be daunting when it comes to choosing a niche to start with. It is best to choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about or have some experience in.

​Alternatively, you can choose a niche that you are passionate about since this will ensure that you keep on working, even when things may become challenging. Some of the popular niches include health & wellness, weight loss, Internet marketing, gaming, money & finance, education, technology, insurance, etc.

Affiliate Products

Once you have decided on a niche, the next step is to decide on how to monetize the niche. It is important that you know how you are going to monetize your website before you create one.

Many people fall into the trap of building out a website or blog and then not knowing how to monetize it. This is a sure way to fail, so make sure that you find the right affiliate products that you want to promote before building out your website.

​The best & easiest way to find affiliate products and services in your niche is to check the various affiliate networks. These networks usually have large listings of affiliate products according to the niches they cater to. Some of the popular affiliate networks include ClickBank, Peerfly, ShareASale, Amazon, FlexOffers, etc. Be sure to do a thorough Google search so you can find as many possible offers for your niche before deciding on the ones you want to market.

​In addition to promoting affiliate products on your website, you can also monetize your site using Google's AdSense program. AdSense has been around for a long time, and all you have to do is sign up for it and paste the AdSense code on the pages that you want AdSense ads to show on. This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your website. If you have a highly-trafficked website, then it's possible for you to make a significant amount of money with AdSense ads.

Your Affiliate Website

Once you have decided on your niche and the affiliate products that you’re going to promote, the next step is to build your affiliate website. It is best that you use WordPress for your website since it is a very easy platform to use and there are many SEO benefits of using it. Also, when you use WordPress, it is extremely simple to build out pages, update your site and maintain it. When you are setting up your website, you will have to get hosting for your site. It is best that you choose a reputable hosting company and not one that is known for hosting spammy sites or SEO sites. Some options include NameCheap, BlueHost, DreamHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc.

Affiliate Website Traffic Generation

Lastly, the final topic that we will look at is traffic generation, which is basically how you will get people to your website in order to buy your affiliate product. One of the easiest ways to build traffic is to do search engine optimization on your website. This basically entails building out your site with quality content that is optimized for specific keywords related to your niche. You will also have to build high quality backlinks to your site from sources such as PBNs, link directories, Wikipedia, guest posts etc. It will take some time for SEO to work, but within a few months, your website will start ranking for its keywords and you will get organic search engine traffic which will lead to sales of your affiliate product.​

​Next, another way to generate traffic is through paid ads. You can purchase Google ads as well as social media ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc. You can set a daily budget and run targeted traffic to your site and affiliate products which will result in sales. Viral videos are also another method of generating traffic to your site as well as email newsletters. There are numerous ways of generating traffic to your site, so be sure to experiment with a few to see what works for you.

​In closing, we have just looked at affiliate marketing and how you can get started. This website is all about helping YOU set-up a successful affiliate marketing website. Be sure to read through each section fully to discover tips & proven strategies to help you start earning commissions as soon as possible.

Don Roberts​

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[Important] There are no guarantees that YOU will make money doing affiliate advertising. It's possible that you could even end up losing money. There are several influencing factors, including your knowledge, your level of commitment, website traffic, level of competition, etc. Yet, if you decide you're going to stick with it and make it work, then you'll find the strategies and tools mentioned on this affiliate internet marketing "how to" site very helpful in your journey. If you buy a product after clicking a link on this website, we may receive compensation in the form of a commission.