How To Start Affiliate Marketing

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Get there easily by following this simple 3-step process...

1. Decide on a niche

Before building your website, you need to have a place to start. Read this section to help you decide the best niche for YOU to focus your efforts on in order for you to get the best results possible.

Niche Selection

2. Monetize your website

Now that you know the theme of your website, it's time to find out what products & services are available for you to promote. Read this section to get the details on how the affiliate networks work.

Website Monetization

3. Build your website

Setting-up an affiliate website is surprisingly easy to do. Read this section to know exactly how to set-up website hosting - and how to easily build a beautiful, search engine optimized website.

Build Affiliate Website

Bonus: Traffic generation

Without guidance, many affiliate marketers really don't know how to get a steady stream of visitors to their websites. Read this section to learn the ways to start driving traffic to your website - like a pro.

Coming Soon

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  • Affiliate Marketing Overview

Imagine for a minute. Perhaps, you're like a lot of people who dream about making money online. It's exciting to think about. And, it's even more exciting to imagine yourself having multiple affiliate sites - each working for you around-the-clock. If you get everything right, you may be able to earn affiliate commissions - while you're working a day job, sleeping, or even while on vacation. If earning affiliate sales sounds good to you, keep reading...

“Just find out what successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results.”

~ Brian Tracy (International Success Coach & Best Selling Author)

Imagine having your first affiliate website up & running - and starting to make you affiliate commissions. It may be obvious, but there's nothing stopping you from rinsing & repeating - setting up multiple affiliate sites over time. Just imagine that for a moment. What difference would it make in your life if you had websites making money for you?

To be successful at Internet marketing, there are several things you need to get right. There are no guarantees, but without the proven process explained on this website, you'll likely miss out on one or more important strategies or tools that can make the difference in success or failure.

A lot of people would love to be able to have income via the Internet, but sadly never quite get the ball rolling. That's going to happen with you, though. I know that YOU want to get started today - and stay at it until you succeed

In my opinion, the best way for you to get to where you want to be is to start by following the 3 simple steps outlined (above). Follow these steps, learn the strategies, and gather up the recommended tools & services to help you put everything together right. I like "free", so I recommend free tools wherever it makes sense. Yet, I recommend paid tools in situations where there's a clear advantage to me in using them.

"Where can I learn affiliate marketing?"

~ Annonymous

Right here. Time to create your own destiny. Head on over to the Niche section to help you zero-in on your first niche to monetize. Get started now...

Don Roberts

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[Important] There are no guarantees that YOU will make money doing affiliate advertising. It's possible that you could even end up losing money. There are several influencing factors, including your knowledge, your level of commitment, website traffic, level of competition, etc. Yet, if you decide you're going to stick with it and make it work, then you'll find the strategies and tools mentioned on this affiliate internet marketing "how to" site very helpful in your journey. If you buy a product after clicking a link on this website, we may receive compensation in the form of a commission.