​Affilorama Free Membership Review

Is Affilorama Free Membership Worth Your Time?

​In this post, we'll be taking a look at the Affilorama free membership.

Affilorama was created by Internet marketing legend Mark Ling. ​​

​​Affilorama came to life when Mark had the idea to use his knowledge & provide easy-to-follow video lessons to assist beginning & intermediate affiliate marketers build their own income-producing websites & videos.

Humble Beginnings

​​Keep in mind that Mark did not start out as a top Internet marketer. None of us do. In fact, Mark indicates he started out as a broke college student. Believing there just had to be a good way to earn money, he kept looking until he discovered affiliate marketing. He came across the keys to earning money online - and by his description - a lot of it. As you can imagine, he was on Cloud 9.​

​Google Lowers The Hammer...

Mark reports that everything changed for the worse when he got slapped by Google. His search results rankings tanked, and his online income evaporated into thin air. At this point, he reports that he went into a lot of debt.

Almost Gave Up

​He came close to just giving up. He stopped all affiliate marketing activities and found a day job. Yet, as he began working his day job, he kept thinking how he really just didn't want to be trapped in a 9-5 rut.

Thinking affiliate marketing might just might be worth another go, he decided to take another look at it. He put a lot of effort into revamping his Internet marketing strategies. Can you guess what happened?

Yep...he resurrected his ability to make money online.

Fast-forwarding to now, Mark has become a multi-millionaire Internet marketer - living a life we'd all like to have.

The Affilorama Free Membership

"Just find out what successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results."
~ Brian Tracy (International Success Coach & Best Selling Author)

​To help other aspiring affiliate marketers (as well as intermediate affiliate marketers), Mark created the Affilorama free membership. That's "free", as in no cost.

Wanting to bring the best affiliate marketing training to the smart readers of DonRobertsOrg.com, I decided to check-out Affilorama. And, I think it's something you should check it out, too.

Here's What Happens When You Sign-up

After you sign-up to the free membership, you'll get access to 100+ video lessons. The free video lessons cover just about everything related to affiliate marketing.

Not only do you get to skip the frustration, you also can get you up-to-speed quickly on becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

The affiliate video topics include the following:

  • check
    ​How to go about selecting profitable affiliate products to promote
  • check
    ​How to easily design & build affiliate websites
  • check
    ​How to start getting visitor traffic from the search results
  • check
    ​How to employ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic efficiently & effectively
  • check
    ​How to outsource tasks and scale up your affiliate business

Beginning Affiliate Marketers

​With 100+ video lessons in it's arsenal, Affilorama has gold nuggets for affiliate marketers of all levels. If you're just starting out in affiliate marketing, you should begin with the video lessons teaching the basics of Internet marketing, how it works, etc. Then, dig in to more intermediate Internet marketing videos from there.

affiliate marketing training

Click the image to check-out the Affilorama Free Membership affiliate marketing training course​

Intermediate Affiliate Marketers

​If you happen to be more of an intermediate affiliate marketer, the Affilorama free membership has you covered, too. Mark made sure to put in lessons targeted at more experienced affiliate marketers, including how to use outsourcing to scale up your business, websites, & videos.

Even though the free membership has affiliate training for beginners, don't be misled into thinking that the free membership is just for newbies.

It's got something for everyone.

Affilorama’s Forum

​"Free" is cool, but also in the free membership, you get the bonus of getting access to their free forum. This is not some ghost-town forum that nobody visits. It's one of the largest affiliate marketing forums on the Internet.

The Affilorama training staff members also join in on the forum to answer comments & questions about affiliate & Internet marketing.

A Warning...

​Be warned that ​the Affilorama free ​membership ​doesn’t ​give ​you ​everything. All-in-all, the Affilorama free membership is a very good affiliate training package. You'll definitely want to check it out.

Since you're already getting smart about affiliate marketing reading DonRobertsOrg.com, you may already know that you'll be needing some other tools to be a successful affiliate marketer.

What's ​Not Included In The Free Membership

  • ​A great website hosting company
  • ​Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • ​PPC tools (in the likely event you also get into doing Pay-Per-Click advertising)

Watch For Occasional Affilorama Special Offer

​From time-to-time, Mark offers a $1 trial of his Affilorama Premium subscription to new Affilorama free members. The Premium subscription gives you access to the tools mentioned above - along with some great advanced affiliate marketing training.

If Mark is offering the $1 trial when you sign-up for the free membership, I recommend that you try it out because the Premium subscription may easily save you a lot of money over buying the tools separately.

​Wrapping It Up

So, Is It Worth Your Time?

​I'm glad I signed-up for the Affilorama membership, and I think you will like what you see, too. I learn better when watching videos, and I like that Mark has made so many ​helpful videos available. 

​How To Get The Free Membership...

​To check-out the Affilorama free membership, click ​here

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