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Image of WordPress marketing tools expert Don Roberts

WordPress Marketing Expert Don Roberts

The following are the WordPress marketing tools I have purchased and use everyday for my WordPress marketing websites, as well as for all of my client websites. I consider them to be essential building blocks for successful WordPress marketing. Each is highly recommended.

The list of WordPress marketing tools keeps growing, so check back frequently. If you’re anything like my coaching students, you’ll be glad to have each one.

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WordPress Hosting

Image of HostGator - WordPress Marketing Tools HostGator – Smart WordPress marketers start with a solid foundation. I’ve used several hosting companies to manage websites…and none of them even comes close to HostGator in terms of performance, usability, and support. “Website load time” has become an important data-point in Google’s ranking algorithm. I’ve found HostGator’s servers to support fast webpage loads. For usability, all of my critical WordPress plugins work on HostGator servers…which is not the case on some of the other hosting company servers (like GoDaddy’s shared servers). After-the-sale-support” is often an after-thought when considering a purchase. That’s a deadly mistake with website hosting. While the level of tech support support is often poor and slow-in-coming at other website hosting companies, I’ve found the tech support team at HostGator to be responsive and top-notch. Try HostGator for 1-cent. Use Coupon Code1CENT” and try HostGator out for a month for just 1-cent. Get HostGator! (Click “Web Hosting” in their header nav and go with the “Baby Plan” to start. Be sure to use the “1CENT” coupon code)

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WordPress Theme

Image of Thesis theme - WordPress Marketing Tools Thesis ThemeThesis is easily my very favorite WordPress marketing tools. It easily installs like any other WordPress theme. It’s just a whole lot better. All website owners want search engine traffic. Thesis is top-shelf in it’s ability to help you optimize your pages, posts, images, and videos for the search engines. Some WordPress themes break the functionality of desirable plugins. The Thesis theme is plugin-friendly. And, most WordPress themes do not allow you to modify the “look & feel” of your site. That’s frustrating. Thesis makes site-wide “look & feel” changes a snap (fonts, colors, columns, etc.). And, it even allows “look & feel” changes to be made with special plugins, CSS, and PHP. Thesis is a secret weapon on mine…but, I want it to be yours, too. Get Thesis!

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Page & Post Layout

Better WordPress ContentBy now you know that WordPress is the website-of-choice for the best Internet marketers. But, its built-in Page & Post editor makes it hard to layout a Page or Post how you want it to look. With the default Page & Post editor that’s built-in to WordPress, you typically have to back & forth, over & over again to get a Page or Post looking the way you want it to look. You can certainly do it this way, but its unnecessarily cumbersome.

The good news is that Content Builder is a plugin that makes it easy & it makes your Pages & Posts look great, too. Do yourself a favor and check-out the amazing Content Builder page layout plugin.

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Thesis Customization

Customize Thesis like a pro with these Thesis customization pluginsYou already know that the WordPress Thesis theme is the theme to have for WordPress marketing. And, customizing Thesis is easy with these Thesis customization plugins. Why mess around with CSS and PHP when you can easily make Thesis look whatever way you want? If you can imagine it, these plugins make fast work of any design work.
Get the Thesis customization plugins!

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Security for WordPress

Image of WP Secure Pro - WordPress Marketing Tools WP Secure Pro – It’s well known to Internet security professionals that hackers and their automated scripts are attacking your WordPress websites around the clock. And, you may not know it…even if your set gets hacked successfully. Why your site? The hacking scripts simply run through ranges of IP addresses. So, you don’t have to be eBay or the Pentagon to be a target of hacking attempts. When you lock down WordPress, you’ll stop hackers in their tracks. You’ll feel relieved to secure WordPress. Get WP Secure Pro!

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WordPress Backup and Disaster Recovery

WPTwinYour website is  in danger if you’re not backing it up…period. Between hackers, WordPress updates that go wrong, and hosting server issues, it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens to your WordPress website. Did you know that not all WordPress backup tools are created equal? WPTwin actually backs-up your entire website, not just a portion of it (like some of the other WordPress blog backup tools). When you have WPTwin “clone” of your website at-the-ready, re-creating your website is a snap…and takes less than 5-minutes. Without it…well, let’s just say you’ll have a bad day. Smart WordPress marketers backup their websites. Get WPTwin!

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WordPress Multi-Website Management

ManageWP – Manage all of your WordPress websites from one interface. ManageWP allows quick-switching between sites…which is very convenient. ManageWP also allows you to update WordPress and all of the the plugins on all of your sites at the same time…one click. ManageWP even allows you to delete post  revisions, table overhead, and spam comments with one click.  And, it does a lot more. Take a look at this super-convenient, time-saving, web-based WordPress marketing tool. Check-out ManageWP!

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Domain Name Registration

NameCheap - WordPress Marketing tools NameCheap – By far, the best domain name registrar. Years ago, I decided it’s time to seek a replacement domain name registrar for GoDaddy. I heard story after story from those I followed allegedly that GoDaddy shuts down websites for what seemed to me to be trigger-happy overreaction to nuisance complaints. Imagine that happening to you. I decided to seek a replacement registrar. I was happy to discover NameCheap…and have been satisfied ever since. To me, their site is easier to get around on than GoDaddy’s site. And, they have great customer support, too. NameCheap is the preferred domain name registrar for lots of Internet marketers…including me. Get NameCheap!

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WordPress Marketing Tools Summary

Each one of the WordPress marketing tools mentioned above plays a critical role in the success of my websites, as well as my client’s websites.

Be sure to get each one of the WordPress marketing tools mentioned above
…and take massive and persistent action putting them into play for your success online.

Don Roberts, CLMC

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