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WordPress Marketing Expert Don Roberts

The following are the WordPress marketing tools I have purchased and use everyday for my WordPress marketing websites, as well as for all of my client websites. I consider them to be essential building blocks for successful WordPress marketing. Each is highly recommended.

This list of the best WordPress marketing tools keeps growing – and does change over time, so check back frequently. If you’re anything like my coaching students, you’ll be glad to have each one.

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Page & Post Layout[jcol/] Security for WordPress
WordPress Backup[jcol/] Multi-Website Management
Domain Name Registration[/jcolumns]

WordPress Theme

Easily the best place to buy premium WordPress themes

Thrive Themes – I used to be a fan of Thesis Themes, but to me they became fairly difficult to work with when they changed from v1 to v2. But, through some exhaustive research, I discovered that the themes from Thrive are even better. And now, they’re the only themes I want to work with for my own projects. I even use them for client projects. Although only an afterthought to many people, one of the absolutely most important things you want to have is great after-the-purchase customer support because you certainly will need to have questions answered – or problems resolved. Thrive has a great forum where actual Thrive developers will responded quickly to solve whatever issues pop-up along the way. That’s extremely valuable because everyone has questions or issues about WordPress themes (e.g., how do I do “this”? How can I fix “that”? etc. Everyone.). Plus, they have several great-looking themes to choose from. And, each Thrive theme is fully responsive for all devices. Very important, especially with Google beginning to push non-mobile-friendly listing down in the search results.

You can buy a Thrive theme, but, the absolutely best way to go is to get a Thrive membership. For only a little more, not only do you get your choice of multiple themes, but you get the ability to use them on multiple projects, AND you get all of their other very useful tools, too – including the truly useful Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Landing Pages, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Clever Widgets, Thrive Headline Optimizer, AND instant access to ALL future Thrive plugins! You will also get continuous updates for all products. They even offer Thrive University so that anyone can become a Thrive products expert right away.

The DonRobertsOrg.com website uses the Thrive “Rise” theme – and it’s powered by Thrive membership plugins. Get Thrive themes here!

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Page & Post Layout

Better WordPress ContentThrive Content Builder – By now, you know that WordPress is the website-of-choice for the best Internet marketers, and that Thrive Themes are the way to go. And, to make it extremely easy to layout pages & posts, you’ll want the companion Thrive Content Builder (TCB) plugin. It’s got super easy-to-use “drag & drop” interface and has numerous predefined templates to select from. I struggled with laying out a WordPress site in the early days (before Thrive). Then, I saw the TCB plugin when it came to market. I quickly realized that this is a must have plugin for a WordPress site. With it, it’s so simple to add those great-looking image or video background sections – complete with overlaid text. You can add responsive video & images, as well as tables of content, HTML code, animations, countdown timers, and so may more modules.

The good news is that the Thrive Content Builder is a plugin that makes it easy & it makes your Pages & Posts look great, too. Do yourself a favor and check-out must have Thrive Content Builder page layout plugin.

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Security for WordPress

Image of WP Secure Pro - WordPress Marketing Tools WP Secure Pro – It’s well known to Internet security professionals that hackers and their automated scripts are attacking your WordPress websites around the clock. And, you may not know it…even if your set gets hacked successfully. Why your site? The hacking scripts simply run through ranges of IP addresses. So, you don’t have to be eBay or the Pentagon to be a target of hacking attempts. When you lock down WordPress, you’ll stop hackers in their tracks. You’ll feel relieved to secure WordPress. Get WP Secure Pro!

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WordPress Backup and Disaster Recovery

Reliable, worry-free back-up solution that’s proven itself to me several times.

UpdraftPlusYour website is  in danger if you’re not backing it up…period. Between hackers, WordPress & plugin updates that go terribly wrong, and hosting server issues, it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens to your WordPress website. Any seasoned WordPress admin will tell you that it’s simply a matter of “when” it will happen – not “if” it will happen.

Did you know that not all WordPress backup tools are created equal? Updraft can back-up your entire website manually or at intervals you choose. And, it also backs-up just those elements of your website that change – for example, it backs-up the plugins directory when you update a plugin that has a new version to be installed. It can also back-up your files to cloud storage services of your choice – such as DropBox, Amazon S3, and others. That’s great for you because you won’t have a single point of failure.

Also, the web hosts that offer daily backups will actually stop doing back-ups when you’ve used up a certain number of “inodes” of storage. What the heck is an inode? I’ve had this problem with HostGator for years…

When you choose UpdraftPlus to back-up your website in the background automatically, recovering from a successful hacking attack or a WordPress/plugin update that goes bad is easy – and takes less than 5-minutes. Without it…well, let’s just say you’ll have a really bad day. Using another well-known backup tool resulted in a migration that went frustratingly wrong for me – nothing but error messages and a crippled website. It was a very stressful situation. My client’s site was offline for a couple days, and there was lots of tense effort to fix it.

UpdraftPlus has saved me over & over again, and it makes migrating a development website on one domain name to the actual “live” domain name a snap. Really? Really…very easy. Smart WordPress affiliate marketers backup their websites – and get UpdraftPlus to do it!

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WordPress Multi-Website Management

ManageWP – It’s only a matter of time before you have multiple WordPress websites. And, that means you’ll have to login to each once to do the routine updates because not doing the updates is a recipe for disaster. But, you can significantly streamline the update process and be able to manage all of your WordPress websites from one interface. ManageWP allows quick-switching between sites – which is very convenient. The WordPress core files automatically update themselves these days, but the plugins don’t. ManageWP allows you to update all of the the plugins on all of your sites at the same time one click. I’ve got 30 WordPress websites in one ManageWP account. I typically see something like this: 15 Themes need to be updated. 22 Plugins need updating. 30 Sites need 15MB of table overhead to be deleted. 6 Sites have a total of 17 post revisions to be deleted. And, there are 7 spam comments to be deleted. Doing it one-site-at-a-time takes forever to do it. Using ManageWP, it’s one click for each task, and I can walk away…

And, ManageWP does a lot more. Take a look at this super-convenient, time-saving, web-based WordPress marketing tool. Check-out ManageWP!

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WordPress Website Hosting

Fast, reliable hosting that’s easy on the wallet.

NameCheap Hosting – Hosting a free WordPress website on WordPress.com comes with a boatload of limitations for affiliate marketers, and it’s against their terms of service. Smart WordPress marketers start with a solid foundation. I’ve used several hosting companies to manage websites…and none of them even comes close to NameCheap in terms of performance, usability, and support. “Website load time” has become an important data-point in Google’s ranking algorithm. I’ve found NameCheap’s SSD-based servers offer fast web page loads. And, for usability, all of my critical WordPress plugins work on NameCheap servers…which I have found not to be the case on some of the other hosting company servers (like GoDaddy’s shared servers).

After-the-sale-support” is often an after-thought when considering a purchase. That’s a deadly mistake with website hosting. While the level of tech support is often marginal at best at other website hosting companies, I’ve found the tech support team at NameCheap to be responsive and good. NameCheap offers a ridiculously inexpensive first year plan, and the renewal is less than the competition. They also offer a free domain name & privacy for the first year. What a great deal. I recommend that you choose the Ultimate Plan because it allows for adding unlimited new websites to your virtual real estate empire as you begin “rinsing & repeating” your success online. Get NameCheap Hosting!

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Domain Name Registration

NameCheap - WordPress Marketing tools NameCheap – By far, the best domain name registrar. Years ago, I decided it’s time to seek a replacement domain name registrar for GoDaddy. I heard story after story from those I followed allegedly that GoDaddy shuts down websites for what seemed to me to be trigger-happy overreaction to nuisance complaints. Imagine that happening to you. I decided to seek a replacement registrar. I was happy to discover NameCheap…and have been satisfied ever since. To me, their site is easier to get around on than GoDaddy’s site. And, they have great customer support, too. Oh…and when you go with Privacy option at NameCheap (which I recommend), it’s free the first year – and only $2.88 to renew it each year. GoDaddy charges me $8.99 every year for Privacy (to me, that’s gouging). NameCheap is the preferred domain name registrar for lots of Internet marketers. Join us, and Get NameCheap!

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WordPress Marketing Tools Summary

Each one of the WordPress marketing tools mentioned above plays a critical role in the success of my websites, as well as my client’s websites.

Be sure to get each one of the WordPress marketing tools mentioned above
…and take massive and persistent action putting them into play for your success online.

Don Roberts, CLMC

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